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Zoey Mary Blank
Date of Birth 1945
Date of Death 1957
Gender Female
Height 4.6
Race/Ethnicity Inhuman russian/English
Occupation Student
Marital status None
Relative(s) Mother and Father
Status Ghost

Life Edit

Zoey was an mormal girl at her time.However when her mother owned her sister money she tried to kill Zoey as her sister hated her.When this failed they tried to make her an demon.Zoey went to school where she was bullied.At once she asked the headmaster to help her but instead he raped her.Zoey was outraged and let her mother makeher a demon.However when she came one,She managed to make creatures and killed everyone in the town.

Role In Snowing terror Edit

A young woman named Sarah was sent to discover the town with her team.However when they were chased from the creatures only Sarah and Emily survived.Sarah made sure Emily was safe and encoutered the terror.However she saw Zoey's corpse.Sarah was shocked and cradled the body.This made the ghost of Zoey think that she should have an mother like Sarah.When the final battle ocured in the church,Zoey made the church on fire and only Sarah survivied.However Zoey would not let her go.Sarah thought she got rid of her by dumping her in the sea.Zoey's soul was nothing more only anger.

Role in Snowing terror 2 She is here Edit

Sarah and Emily were forced back into the town with another group.When they arived Sarah knew Zoey will get revenge on her.When a few twist and turns Sarah encounters Zoey.Emily gives her life to save Sarah.Sarah managed to escape from her grips.Sarah then thought she killed Zoey when she chainsawed her in half.

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