The Creature's image, max 250px
Z-type mutant
Created 2009
Created By unknown
Creation viral outbreak
Based Zomie, Other mutated creatures
Height/Length unknown
Purpose none
Status dead

Z-type mutantEdit

A Z-type mutant is a living being infected with the Z-type virus. The mutation can vairy in shape, size and even colour. A simple mutant will become a Zombie like creature without the need to feed on human flesh. Instead they vomit innner acids and realese the virus into the area.

A slightly larger mutation will cause the infected to crave flesh but not human flesh. This if effectivley a zombie.

A even larger mutation will cause physical body changes. General deformalitly such as random blobs and large spinel growth. The victim will also gain claws.

For the last mutation, direct injection of the virus is needed. All other mutations will take place but much quicker and the victim will keep thier intelligence and ability to speek. Also instead of craving flesh, the victim will have the urge to generaly kill it's prey or leave it for dead. Also the mutations from stage 3 will enlarge and the victims stamina will greatley increae.

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