Found in the deep south of England, Witch's Cross is a small village. It's buildings are made mostly up of grey stones and some have thatched roofs. It is situated directly beside the sea. The roads are undevelopped and rough. It ends with an almighty grassy clif that stretches up, towering over the village and gazing across the sea.


Although Witch's Cross is by the sea, it isn't a sunny place. The small village seems to be constantly dogged by a batch of rolling black clouds which hang above the small group of grey stone buildings. Seagulls are a constant fluttering and squaking in the air above, and give the distinct impression of vultures waiting for meat so they can close in and scavenge what is left. The layout of the place is without a definate structure. There are muddy pathways instead of roads, and circling the entire village is a large wooden fence. There is little to no wildlife in the area, and most of the grass has been trodden down or ripped up. The final and most notable feature of Witch's Cross is Witch's Hill, which is actually a cliff overlooking the sea. A long, twisted stone pathway leads all the way up to the gothic old church which sits lonely and cold at the top. From this high point, the sea can be seen and so can the village in it's entirety. It is incredibly windy and even more incredibly cold, and so the only people that go up there are people visiting the church.

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