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Vera May
Date of Birth birthdate unknown
Date of Death 1931
Gender Female
Height height unknown
Race/Ethnicity Sweedish
Occupation Singer
Marital status marital status unknown
Relative(s) Unnamed Mother
Status Dead


Vera had an rich family.When her dream came true for being a singer she made two songs so far.They were called Vera in love and war is love.Vera came rich quickly and had an boyfreind named Jim Kim.Vera then wrote another song when an phone rang.Vera answered it and learned she was singing in at Blueberry hotel.Vera acepted the offer when she was going to get 5million pounds.

Hotel  Edit

Vera ran to her bedroom for saftey when the ghosts atacked.Vera was then atacked by an ghost named Bella.Befour Linda May and Jim Kim rushed in to save her,The two had an chat about is she was worth saving.Jim and Linda went in and Linda was shot.Vera then saw Bella and Jim die also.Vera escaped the hotel and managed to flag down an man.Then Vera saw Bella who was holding up Jim's head and laughing.

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