The Creature's image, max 250px
Product #015653 "Raiser"
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By E.J.Hooper Research Group
Creation Gene Splicing
Based Human/Reptile Hybrid
Height/Length 4 Foot 11 Inches
Purpose Cure for various diseases
Status Alive

"Nothing bad ever came from Gene Splicing before..."Edit

The creation of this monster was the experimental gene splicing between a Infected Human (Zombie) and an Infected Reptilian, the creation, an advanced animal with a higher yet stable metabolism, it was created and hatched within sixteen days, compared to the past attempts which were still incubating , with Reptilian haste it quietly killed sixteen of the twenty five scientists within the E.J.Hooper Research Facility, before the Contingency plan was carried out and the Facility was in a lock down. The facility and the creature were unknown for twelve years, until the destruction of what has now become known as "Infected City", now this dangerous creature roams the streets, along with its spawn.

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