Two Deaths

by Ryan brown


A man named Frank Boles and his freinds Stacey,Garry,Michelle,Andrew,Stacey, and Diane are on a prom in a ship.Stacey then sees an screw coming off the boat and then sees some poles coming out and the ship is caught in fire.It slips sideways and Diane is killed by a pole coming to her eye.Andrew and Stacey is flattend by an wall and Garry is killed when an fridge lands on him.Michelle is then stabbed by an pole and falls down into the icy water.Frank is then stabbed to death

Michelle wakes up from her vision.Evreything that happened befour they went into the ship in the vision is happening.Michelle manages to get out Garry,Stacey,Andrew,A boy named Andy and Frank,Of the ship.

To Michelles horror,The shio does blow up.Months later and is is the students funearals.Michelle and Garry go to the mall.When Michelle gets an vision of Garry blowen up in the mall,Michelle relises that he is gone.Inside an shop,Michelle sees gas all over the floor.An man then dropshis lighter and the gas emflames,Which causes an explosion.Michelle runs out of the way and finds Garry getting sucked down from an escalator.Michelle runs to an thearters and the fire chases her.

Michelle is saved by Frank from the explosion in there.They escape the mall and relise that they are the only survivors.They meet up with Andrew and Stacey.Stacey says that Death is after them while going through the internet.Then an building collapses and smashes the hostel they are in.Andrew is flattened.Stacey and Michelle separate and Frank escapes.

Michelle escapes and Stacey then gos to the thearters and tells them to meet her there.When they do,An explosion smashes through the screen with nails going right through Staceys head.Michelle and Frank try to escape and Michelle is stuck in the escalators as she will be sucked down.Frank reaches to her but is too late,Michelle,Barely alive,Sees Frank dying from a pole.

Michelle wakes up and sees Stacey is still alive.They manage to get Stacey out and the 3 run to stop the explosion.They stop it and think it is all over.They meet up in a museaum and Michelle says she is engaged to Frank.Then,A plane crahses through the place and Stacey's head is chopped off.Frank and Michelle runs to the exit although an big blockage breaks their places and a pole kills Frank.Michelle wakes up in the rubble and sees an uncontol tank heading her way.She trys to get out and is killed.

Michelle wakes up and warns Frank.They run out and the screams happen.This time Stacey is still alive.She manages to hide under an table when this happens.Michelle tells Frank to get out of the fire exit.Then,The fire exit turns into fire and Frank is burned alive.Stacey runs to Michelle but Stacey has her body chopped in half.Michelle screams and her head is chopped off by the planes tail.

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