by Andrew Hay


A man wakes up tied in a chair.Confused he tries to get away.Then he hears footsteps.He turns around and sees an man in the mask.The man in the mask grabs an butcher knife.Instead of killing him,The man in the mask cuts the man's hair.The man in the mask says the man is Jake.Jake asks who is the man in the mask.He says Mask and Mask kills him.He then smiles and says victem number one is own.He then looks at an security camara of other captived victems.

Jane,An teenager,Is on holiday with her freindsShe is with Sarah,Angela and Fiona.Sarah says she has an date with her boyfreind who is called Jake.[This is befour Jake dies]Jane jumbs into the pool and relaxes.However she falls asleep near the edge.She wakes up and evreyone is gone.Jane looks around and sees an man.He turns around and is wearing an mask.Jane is offered an dressing grown.She gets it on and the man chases her.Jane manages to escape his hands and flags down an car.She gets in the car and tells the driver she needs to get out of there.The man drives away and says he is Garry.Then Garry gets shot in the head.Jane looks out and sees why.The man in the mask shot him.

Meanwhile Sarah is waiting at an bus stop for Jake.When Jake phones her she answers.It is a man who says look behind you.Sarah looks behind her and screams.Jake's lifeless body is hanging on a rope.Sarah turns around just to be knocked out by an man.Sarah then wakes up in a room.She reads a note saying that she must saw her leg off to escape.Sarah then sees her leg is tied up and the wall is going to flatten her.Sarah saws her leg off but trys to crawl to the door.She then hears an voice saying opps just joking.Sarah relsies the door is locked and the wall then flattens her.

Angela and Fiona wake up together.They see that they need to balance the floor or they will be sucked down the escalator.Angela picks her choice by placing a large book on the middle.However as the floor is light they both fall down.Fiona grabs onto a peice of wood while Angela suffers an painful death.Then a man in the mask comes and steps on Fiona's hands.Fiona falls and suffers the same fate as Angela.

Meanwhile,Jane drives the car away.The man in the mask shoots at the tire of the car.Shocked but brave Jane runs out of the car and heads to a nearby house.She opens the door and sees a man holding her at gunpoint.He says that he is the real man in the mask and that he kills the youngest so there will be no future.Then the man shoots hr in the stomche.He then phones an ambulance and says that Jane needs Treatment.

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