Tranquil TownEdit

A town located in a top secret location in America , the town has a strange history , about how demons invaded and destroyed the town and the residents evacuated but returned several years later, only to see the town in fine condition and residents living there , residents that had excellent medical knowledge.The residents took in the original residents and experamented on them , twisting them into angel like beings but with no powers.Their faces erased, wing like appendages emerging from the back and large elongated claws protruding from their head, neck and spine , the residents were no longer human , their name was given to them by Dr.J.Vranactal , and their name was: Mr.Divine.The next few years the residents created several other beings: The Mr.Demonic,The Mr. Pyro, The Mr.destruction and the Mr.Fast, each created by taking a resident and putting them through "The Morpheus Project" ,an unknown process.The police started to investigate the town and the resident's strange motives.Through deep research and undercover agents posing as residents , the town's motives became clear , the residents were trying to make a completely new species , a species without fault, without death and without difference , this project was codenamed "Project Mr.Heaven".

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