An rescue team is sent to the infected qurantined building.The members are Emily,Josh,Jake,Ryan and Brian.They have no sign of the infected yet.Emily enters the top floor apartment.She then sees an terrified looking woman with an gun.It is Angela,The only surivivor from Them.Angela asks her if she can escape.Emily says yes.Then the infected come and chase the pair up to the loft.Angela shoots the infected girl from the first one.Angela and Emily call for help.The other members hear them and run up.An infected manages to bite Jake and Ryan shoots the infected.

Jake turns and bites Ryan.The others run up to the loft.Josh contacts the millitary but they ignore him.Angela beats up Josh to force him so they can get out.Emily trys to stop her but Angela punches her in the face.Angela then takes an shotgun and is about to go down til Josh says that they are going with her.When they leave the room millions of the infected crawl the walls and the ceiling.Angela shoots one and is separated from the others.Emily is then killed by an infected.

Angela heads to an room where she sees the infected Stella.

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