plot Edit

The movie starts with a woman named Jane who is shoping in a mall.A man is suddenly sick and passes out.Jane trys to help him but the man atacks her.A man manages to save her but is bitten.Evreyone starts screaming and runing away as more like the man comes.Jane and another man manage to get to the roof as millions are chaising them.They barricade the roofs door and watch the zombies kill all surviviors.

The survivior is revealed to be Mark and the pair start talking.They decide to escape to Marks house and take shelter there.They manage to escape there and pick up a survivior named Tracey.When they make it zombies notice them and they take shelter.Tracey then is grabed by a zombie and is eaten in the neck.Mark takes his life to save Jane who escapes to the woods.She finds a pilot named Jordon.

They escape in the plane and travel to london.When they land Jordon reveals he is infected.The end of the film you see a bunch of zombies chasing police officers which results them dying.

sequal Edit

There is a sequal to the film named the zombie new terror.It will reveal why the zombie outbreak took place.Jane will be back in this one.

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