The peace killerEdit

An killer has left an city terrified.The police are running out of leads.Now an new victem has disapeared.The tension hunt for Harry brown will lead four peope into an battle of life and death.Will they find out the truth.Will they find Harry.Will they stay alive.


An man named Frank and his wife Grace and their kids Harry and Andy are at an mall so they can find shoes for Harry.Frnak quickly loses Andy and looks for him.He walks ouside the mall and finds him running on the road.Frank dives to save him and the car runs into them,Which kills Andy and puts Frank in an coma for two month.

Now it is two years later.Frank and Grace are divorced and Harry is distant to him.Frank then has an blackout while out in a park with Harry.He then learns that Harry has been kidnapped by the peace killer,Who kidnaps boys and their bodies are always found 3 to 5 days later.

Meanwhile,Fbi agent Jimmy learns that the kidnapped victem,Brian is dead.Jimmy then teams up with another agent Nick and they investigate an man who is suspected to be the killer.However,They learn he is an religous man.He walks and shoots at them.However,Jimmy kills in self defence an he is beriden with guilt.

An retired detective,Noel,Go's to Brian's mother Lauren.Lauren is an prostitute and says that he disapeared at 5pm.The next day his father ran away.Lauren then tells him to get 'fucking out'.However,When he steps out,An man named Toni walks in and trys to rape Lauren.Noel walks in and an fight occurs and Noel accidently kills Toni.Lauren decides to bury him at the back yard.

An woman named Joan wakes up after having an nightmare.We learn she suffer's insomania.Joan then has an fealing that she is getting watched.As she turned an light on and it was turned off.Her tv was on and was turned off.Joan go's for anshower and an man sees her.Unknowen to her she is stalked by the man til she sees the fridge door open.She closes it til she sees two men and more running about the house.

Joan then heads to the front door and is attcked by an man.She manages to shake him off and throews an ladder on him.She is then pulled away by another robber and she stabs him in the eye.She is then throwen into an counter and is nearly stabbed by an man.She grabs onto and fork and cuts him where it hurts.She is then nearly killed and knocks over her tv.She manages to hide in the bathroom but an man slices her neck.Joan then wakes up and learns she was dreaming.Much more to be aadded.

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