The murder in the island

by physcopath

The murder in the islandEdit

When a group of strangers are offered 10,000 money each if they have an diner on an island with an mansion,A man is poisoned just like an story of ten little pigs.Now one by one they are killed like in the story,Will the remaining escape the island,Alive.


A sailor named Jimmy is on his boat with passengers Harry,Zara,Vera,Tom,Andy,Manny,Adian and Noel to an island named the cutter island.When they get there,Jimmy says that he will come back in 3 days.They meet with Janet and Brian,An elder couple who are the maid and waitor.Janet says that the man who said they should be there has not yet arrivied.That night,They all talk about their lifes.Vera reveals she is an teacher.Brian says that the man,Mr.Kim,Has told him to turn on a radio.When they do,They hear a voise accusing them of killing people.Harry of running down two children,Vera,Letting a child drown,Zara,Who killed a woman for money,Tom pushing his pregnant wife down to her death,Andy by sentancing an inocent man to his death,Manny,Who accidently poisoned a woman,Adian,Who killed an new born baby,Noel who pushed a woman down the stairs and Janet and Brian who let a woman to her death.

Suddenly,Manny chokes to death after drinking red wine.Vera screams and falls down into shock.Harry says that it must be an understanding.Vera then finds an book saying ten little pigs.

Ten little pigs accused of murder.

One pig fell down dead.

Nine pigs sleeping.

One never woke back up.

Eight pigs trying to find murder.

One then meets up with death.

Seven pigs hideing away.

One pig got crushed.

Six pigs finding an escape.

One find an escape to heaven.

Five pigs fearing for life.

One pig got the hang.

Four pigs looking out.

One pig overlooks.

Three pigs not trusting another.

One got the blame.

Two pigs now knowing who is the killer.

One of them is accused.

One pig all alone.

He tried to escape and meet his demise.

Vera then tells the others this.The only person th ebelives her is Harry

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