The killers 2 New horror

by Andrew hay


Lindsey is recorvering from the events of the first one.Her Doctor,Andrew trilton trys to tell her it will never hapen again.Lindsey keeps the advice and gos to her house which was the seting of the first one.Lindsey packs her things and gets a phonecall from her freind Ana.Lindsey hears that Steve,Ana's boyfreind had been killed.Lindsey thinks that the man had killed him and tells Ana to keep watch.Ana then puts down her phone and turns around.She is then stabed by a man who was the murderer in the first one.Lindsey then gos to her house to see whats up.

Lindsey gos to Anas house and sees an mess.She then sees Ana's lifeless boy lying on the middle of the floor.Lindsey throws up and turns around when she hears an noise.The Man walks in and she stalks a fleeing Lindsey.Lindsey manages to escape the house and runs to an abandoment funfair.Lindsey then locks herself in an lounge for children.She then turns around for an weapon.She picks up an butcher knife and looks around.She then hears an noise coming from the other room.Lindsey stabs the person and does not know who it is.It turns out to be an inocent man.

Lindsey runs out the place and bumbs into the woman.Lindsey fall downs a hill and into a cave.It turns out the cave is just a place for kids.Lindsey crawls to find an escape.She sees ladders leading to an tower.When she gets up the man gives chase.Lindsey turns aroun and screams as the man drags her away.Lindsey holds onto an pole.She kicks the mans face and Lindsey gets an headstart to escape.

Lindsey manages to get down the tower and escapes to an nearby Subway.Lindsay gets chased by the man into an undiscovered  room.A nearby train comes and thinking fast Lindsey runs to the other side.The man chases her but the man is knocked down by the train.Lindsey slowly walks away to an staition and collapses.A man comes around and sees Lindsey.Thinking she is homeless as her clothes are all destroyed,The man gives her a fiver.Lindsey starts crying as the man gos into the train that knocked the man down.

Then the woman gets of the train.Lindsey laughs and crys as the woman sharpens her knife.A heading then shows you that Lindsey was found dead in her house.Then the woman takes her mask off and it is revealed that she was Ana.So Ana faked her death and the man was Steve as he faked his death to.It ends with them staying in lanzarote.

Reception Edit

The novel made 3 million.

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