The killers

by Andrew hay



A man named Billy is walking home from his work.When he gets to his car,He hears a noise behind him.He turns around and sees nobody.He then turns around and is stabed in the heart by a man.The man picks Billy up and puts him in his car.

Lindsey and her boyfreind Thomas are eating their dinner.Lindsey says she might be pregnent and Thomas is thrilled.He says he will get the milk as they have ran out.When he gos,The doorbell rings.Lindsey answers it and finds a woman.She asks is she has saw a man named Billy.Lindsey says no and invites her in.Then the doorbell rings yet again.The woman gets it and is stabed by a man and a woman.

Lindsey hides in a room while the killers look for her.When the coast is clear for now,Lindsey makes a run for it.The woman stalks her and Lindsey does not know.Lindsey rushes an nearby farm.However she falls down a cave.She looks up and sees the woman who is laughing at her.She throws her knife and it just misses Lindsey.Lindsey grabs it and gets deeper in the cave.Lindsey then finds an exit and gets out of the cave.Lindsey is then inside the barnhouse.She grabs an phone and dials the police.When they would not pick up,lindsey decides Thomas.He says he will be right there.

When Thomas gets there he sees an man runing to him.It turns out it is the killer and he knocks Thomas out.Meanwhile Lindsey manages to escape and gos into the sewers.When she does she finds an exit.When she gets up there,She is back in her hime.She turns around just to be knocked out by the man.

Lindsey wakes up and finds herself next to Thomas,The woman who is dead and Billy.Thomas is the only one who is alive with Lindsey.The pair make a plan to escape.However the man smashes in and grabs Thomas to another room.Lindey makes a dive threw the window and hears Thomases screams.Lindsey falls down and hears something and turns around.She screams and is stabed millions of time by the woman.

The next day,Lindeys freind walks in the house.She sees an leg sticking out of the room.When she looks,She screams and collapses.It turns out it is Lindsey in a white dress covered in blood.The freind theinks she is dead and she touches her.Lindsey shocks her by screaming in shock.The book ends with Lindsey being taken to hospital.She then sees an doctor who tells her that she had an miscarrage.Lindesy screams

Writen Edit

Andrew hay wrote the book.It was like the strangers and Funny games.The book selled more then 1 million worldwide.The book was based on the Walter killings

Sequal Edit

The killers 2 is just released.It is about Lindsey trying to live her life again.However she was meant to die so the killers come back to finish the job.The setting takes place in an funfair.

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