The killer

by Andy white


Stacey brent is on a taxi away to an party.Stacey then falls asleap.Then Stacey wakes up in a bed.She gets up and looks at an picture of an man laughing.Stacey relises that she is kidnapped.She hears something under the basement.She sees an young teenager.Stacey then relises this is the teenager named Vicky who was kidnapped.She helps Vicky up and the pair plan to escape.Then they hear a noise.

Vicky leads Stacey to an door and the pair decide which path to take.The pair go right.Then Stacey sees an big garage with millions of cars.Vicky reveals the kidnapper is an serial killer.When the pair open an door an body of an man falls down.Stacey drives the car into an highway.The pair then look behind and see an car chasing them.Stacey makes an chocie and makes the car fall down a steep car down into an long way of dam.Stacey and Vicky just escape with the cost of Vicky's shoe.

Stacey and Vicky then quitley crawl to an cave.Then Stacey falls down an loose end and Vicky screams.Vicky looks down in horror and sees Stacey crawling out of the muddy water.Then the killer walks up to her which makes Vicky flee.Stacey tries to crawl away but the killer grabs her neck and kills her with a big bloody knife.

Meanwhile Vicky runs back to the highway.She manages to get an man driving away to help her.The pair drive away.Thinking she is safe Vicky takes an nap.Then a shot wakes her up.The man is dead.Vicky manages to drive the car and chucks the body away.Then the man shoots the tires which results the car to break down.Vicky leaves the car and runs away.Then she is shot in the leg.

Vicky crawls away down the hill,Hoping trying to get away.Vicky gives up when the killer is close to her.The killer stabs her in the head.It is then said that Vicky's body was found in her parents house.Stacey's body is nowhere to be found. The killer then write an letter saying he is Ian Frintion

Characters Edit

Stacey brent Vicky blank Ian frintion

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