The infected

by Andrew hay

 plot Edit

In the year 1798 an preist is trying to get a demon out of a woman.The woman is an zombie.The preist,Unable to contain her shoots her in the head.Tare the year is now 2008 and a man named Ryan is geting ready for his new job as a police officer.When he gets there,His job is to investigate a man killing his wife in a apartment.When he and his partner Linda go in the place.They go upstairs with an resident who name is Ana.They see a man eating someone what looks like to be his wife.When linda says to stop the man turns his head.He quickly runs to them and Linda shoots him in the stomache. This does not stop him,So the three tie him up.The woman then wakes up and runs to them yet again.Ryan,shocked,Shoots her in the head.The 3 are then atacked by dozens of zombies.Linda is bit in the neck and Ryan manages to save her.They meet up with residents Angela,Tommy and Fiona.They learn that they are qurantined so the five think that whatever they are dealing with,It must be something dangerous.Then Linda turns into one which the other four run for their lifes.Angela says their is a way down the sewers and they need to get their fast.They rush upstairs to get the keys.Fiona is then atacked by a zombie and is locked in a room to stop her to kill them.Tommy gets the keys but is killed of by a child zombie.Ana and Ryan abandon Angela who is locked in a closet.A zombie trys to get her but she manages to kill it.Meanwhile Ryan opens the door but is killed by dozens of zombies in the sewers.Ana runs up to an room killing the infected Fiona on the ways.She then sees that the zombies were made for a cure for cancer but failed.Ana sees the door opening and sees Angela at gun point.Ana relising she is going to be killed,Trys to talk her out of it.Angela acepts,But Ana kills her and runs all the way to the top.She then sees a zombie chowing a leg which is Tommys.Ana smashes a window to escape but falls down the building.The book ends with words.THE ZOMBIES MANAGED TO ESCAPE.THE WHOLE OF AMERICA IS NOW INFECTED.THERE IS NO CURE.

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