The hospital of doom

by Crazy horror


Two doctors called Diane and Andrew are studying an mental patient called Thomas.Diane then feels she loves him and threatens Andrew with death if he does not let Thomas run the hospital.Andrew has no choice and lets Thomas out.Thomas,However,Kills Andrew but leaves an dying Diane.Diane phones her freind to escape from the marple island to marple city.Diane then sees all the convicts geting let out by Thomas in the security camara and dies.

The freind of Diane is Jane temple.Jane then sees an mental patient called Zara is kissing Thomas.Terrifed,Jane hides under an table while the two enter the room.Thomas knows Jane is there but pretends he does not know where she is.He makes the exit door by puting in eletricity so patients can not escape.Jane texts a message to an security guard called Ryan.When Ryan texts back,Zara hears the noise and finds Jane.Jane then makes an scream and is draged to an chair in the surgery room.

Ryan and an surivivng doctor called Mary are traped in a room.If they leave,Deadly gas will kill them.Mary learns that the bridge to the city is blowen up.Ryan phones the boss of Marple island and hospital who is called Euan.Euan turns around and sees Zara.Zara kills him by sliting hs throat.

Jane wakes up in the chair.An serial killer who is an patient called Jaimes.Jaimes is then about to kill Jane til somebody shoots him.It is Thomas who says that he wants to kill Jane.Jane manages to escape and escapes through the air vents.While an terrified Jane tries to escape,Thomas starts shooting at the vents.Jane is about to escape tp an room but is shot.

Ryan and Mary then manage to turn of the gas.They walk outside but are atacked by the convicts.Ryan gives his life so Mary can escape.Mary,However walks into Zara's trap.Mary manages to kill Zara and runs for her life and tries to comunicate with the city.An unknowen figure aproaches Mary and slits her throat.

Jane wakes up and learns she needs to get to the surgery room befour she dies.Jane makes it and sees an doctor.He is called Mark.Mark cures her and locks the door of eletricity.However,They find an way to escape to another room.An convict kills Mark and Jane escapes through the air vent.Jane is stabed in the leg by the convict.Jane then crawls away but is then draged away screaming.

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