The girl

by The horror freaks


Kate,An mother of two,Is deeply infected by the loss of her unborn baby.Her husband,Mark,Send's her to thearpy.An woman named Sally tells her to adopt so she can recover.Kate and Mark go to the orphanage to adopt.They find an girl who is all alone while painting an lion.Kate learns that her name is Jane.Jane tells them that she is russian and she likes to paint.Kate decides this is the child she is looking for.

When Jane comes home,Kate's girl called Diane loves her like an sister,Kates boy called Billy ignores her.Diane and Jane then play in the park.When a girl called Sandy makes a full of Jane's collar,Jane kills Sandy by cuting her throat.Jane hides Sandy in the basement inside the house of Kate and Mark.Jane tels Diane not to tell anyone or Diane will be killed.

Meanwhile,Kate learns that Jane has 'Pushed an girl on the road by mistake' While Kate knows there is more.When Billy is nearly killed in a fire,While Jane was watching the fire,Kate then loses it and buys two bottles of wine.Kate does not know what to do and runs out of the house.She is going to invstigate why Jane is behaving this way.Meanwhile,When Billy is in a coma,Jane kills him by turning of the life surport.

Kate then learns that Billy has died and Kate slaps Jane on the face.However she is put in a mental hospital.When Kate phones Mark to get Diane and him away from Jane,He dismisses her.Then Jane dresses up like an whore and tries to have sex with Mark.Mark disagrees and Jane kills him.

However,Diane saw this and runs to the basement and hides while Jane looks upstairs.Meanwhie Kate escapes and drives to the house.However the woman,Yoko,The japanese woman who gave them Jane,Says that Jane kills the family that adopts her as she is always atracted to the father while killing them.Yoko then turns around just to be killed by an woman,Who is revealed to be Jane's mum.

Kate runs to the basement and falls down the stairs.She finds Sandy but no Diane.Kate then grabs an knife and kills Diane by mistake.

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