The evil

by Noel brown


An rescue team is sent into the marple mansion to save an terrified woman from radio.Members are boss Chris Brown,Jane smith,Ryan neil,Barry garrison and Rebecca temple.They are attacked by zombie dogs and Barry is bitten.They escape to the mansion although they leave Rebecca behind in the woods.They leave Barry in Ryan's care and Chris and Jane check in a room where there is an noise.

They see a zombie feading on a corpse.Jane is terrified and escapes along with Chris.When they head back,They learn that it is only they two.Zombies then come and the pair run upstairs.Jane hears noise's and check in the libary.They find the terrified woman who says run.Then a giant snake attacks them and They manage to escape into a room.The woman is Angela and says scientest's were testing on her and her daughter Lisa.

Meanwhile Rebecca ends up falling down into an cave and finds a tomb.It has written saying Lisa.She hears an scream comes behind her and she turns around.It is Lisa who has a big mask on her face and is an mutant.She slashes her leg.Rebecca crawls upstairs and is then eaten by the zombies.

Chris and Jane leave Angela behind and find a lab.Then a monster like mutant attacks them.Then Ryan walks in and has a drug and infects himself.He says that he created the zombies by accident and tested on Lisa and Angela.Angela escaped and told the resuce team she needed help.So he decided he will feed them to the monsters and attack Marple city.Chris relises his sister is there but an explosion happens.

The monster kills Ryan and Jane and Chris escape from the zombies.Jane and Chris heads to the roof and contact their helicopter pilot Jaimes.The monster nearly gets them and they just escape.Ryan is on his dying breath blows up the mansion as he sees Lisa going to kill him.Jane then remarks they forgot Angela.However we then see Angela escaping through the woods from the zombies and hides in a hut.Then a zombie[Barry] is behind her and bites her neck off.

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