The ailen vs the xeno

by xenoastor

The alien vs the xenoEdit

When an ailen manages to get all the ailen's out of quarantine,The ailen's quickly take over half of the planet.Then an xenoastor must stop them,Even if it means humanity will be wiped out.


It is war.

Are we the bad ones.

The world like we have never saw befour.


A man wakes up with an tube atached onto his heart.He looks around and sees an woman like him with the tube.However,Her body starts to shake and an ailen smashes through her heart.The man then gets the same treatment and is killed instantley.Two doctors go inside the room to get the baby ailens.When the doctor gets number 56 from the woman,The other relises that number 57 is gone.57 then comes out of the man's mouth and the doctors relise that they are trapped.An doctor named Jim sees them trapped.He pushes an button which will kill evreyone in the room.However,The leader of the facility,Mark,Stops him,Saying that there is something special about 57 as that is the only ailen to try to escape.

One month later and 57 is an adult as the ailens only turn into an adult after an month.Jim walks in with an news reporter Jessica and her camara man Harry.Jim makes 57 nod his head around the way he is pointing at with his hand.Jim then gets Harry and Jessica in the room and they look outside the window.Jim sends in a patient named Frank in.Frank is violently killed by 57 when Jim lets 57's collar go out.He then sends in a doctor named Penelope in.Penelope manages to avoid 57 but trips and her legs are eaten.

Meanwhile,An creature named an xenoastor learns that earth is in danger as the ailen queen is heading to the earth.He lands in earth and gets vision that the first attack will be the bringson facility.Meanwhile,57 escapes and kills Harry.Jessica and Jim escape to where Mark is as he can only tain 57.However,More ailens burst out and Jim is killed.Jessica manages to get to Mark but an baby ailen burst's out his heart.Jessica and a doctor named Ryan manage to escape befour the place is quarantined.However some ailens burst out and kill some people.

Jessica and Ryan manage to get to an army base.The ailens quickly take over half of the base and the remaining manage to hide from the ailens.MUCH MORE TO BE ADDED.

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