by Andrew black

Plot Edit

Angela brown is doing gym at school.When an big tough girl named Jane breaks her nose she is rushed to hospital.When she is there she learns she has an dead fetus in her body.Angela cries alone.Later in the day an nurse named Ana walks in to cheak on her.Angela tells her what happened.Then Ana senses something behind her and turns around.Nothing is there.Then Ana turns around and screams and falls down and backs away.Angela looks down and sees an monster like Baby.Angela faints.

Angela is in a coma.Ana begins researching to find out what the thing is.She gos to an libary and gos on the computer.She then sees a book being throwen at her.She turns around and sees nothing.Ana then learns that the thing is an demon looking for blood to kill.Ana then hears something behind her.Ana turns around and screams.The demon jumbs to her and Ana dodges.Ana then runs to an abandoment corridor.Ana learns she is in a dead end as the door would not open.Ana looks behind her and sees the demon walking slowley to her.An man opens the door just in time but is killed by the demon.

Meanwhile Angela wakes up in a sweat.Angela slowley walks around the abandoment hospital.She hears something in the lobby.She enters the place and is shocked still.The demon jumbs at her but Angela ducks.She then runs away to her room.She locks the door and tries to find a way to escape.When she opens the window to escape an demon hand grabs her and she screams.

Angela wakes up.It is daylight.Angela asks for Ana.However she is not in the hospital.Meanwhile Ana is hiding in a basement while hearing jars smashing as the demon is trying to look for her.Ana then sees an way to the sewers and gos in it.Ana then walks slowley and looks behind her and sees the demon.Ana then sprints away and then relises she is in a dead end.She looks behind her and sees the monster.Ana has her heart tore off her.Ana dies quickly for this.

Meanwhile Angela lies in her bed in defeat.She hears something under the bed.Angela slowley cries and slowley looks down.The demon grabs her and drags her under the bed.Then you see an hallway and hearing Angela's screams.Then Angela is showen falling down the stairs and crying as the demon is walking to her.Angela looks up and screams.

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