Date of Birth 200 BC
Date of Death 6th August, 2026
Gender Male
Height 5'8 (James Cutler), 8'9 (T'Sharok)
Race/Ethnicity Demon
Occupation Destroyer of Worlds
Marital status No
Relative(s) Mephiles (father), T'Shuda (mother), Vincent Worthington (step-brother, deceased), Leon Falcone (step-brother, deceased), Aoi Kamazuki (step-sister, deceased)
Status Deceased

T'Sharok is the demonic son of Mephiles and T'Shuda, and is the supposed Destroyer of Worlds.

Biography Edit

T'Sharok was the pure child of the Archdemon Mephiles and Succubus T'Shuda. T'Sharok was born so he could end the world before the coming of Jesus Christ, but was unsuccessful. T'Sharok was punished by having to live on Earth until 2026. During this time, T'Sharok took on a human form, called James Cutler.

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