Perfect People
Sovershennyh lyudyeĭ
Created 1964
Created By Rasputin Illiosef Vladovich IV
Creation Massive amounts of Genesisium exposure
Based Ettelmore for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Height/Length 6' 0"
Purpose To survive
Status Active

Sovershennyh Lyudyei (meaning Perfect People in Russian) are the former work force, scientists, and guards that were horribly mutated due the Vladovich Reactor Explosion of 1962. Vladovich saw these people as the next stage of evolution and quickly took control of them and began to slowly replace the surviving work force on Anya-21 by killing them. These are the common enemy of the book, I am Nicholas Norem


"The people here are no longer human, it's strange to describe them as anything else, but perfect" -Rasputin Vladovich, 1967 Recording

The workforce of Anya-21 consisted of over 15,000 People, it is recorded that about 30% of the population wasn't affected immediately and survived while the other 60% was reported as unknown. After a few weeks, the people began to develop large, orange-glowing tumors all over their bodies. At first, removal was the option to get rid of them but it proved to do nothing but to create more complecations with the bodies of the surviving work-force. They began to develop crazed thoughts such as feasting on one another. A recording reports that a "Ivan Bolinskavich" was seen eating one of the unaffected guards. This could mean that they knew who was affected by a sense of smell or sight...

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