by horror bros


Angela Brown is studying demons with her crew mate Ryan Gotham.Ryan learns that an demon named Zoran had his slaves to take over the world.Angela then discovers an hidden tomb.Ryan touches an shell and corpses wake up and atack them both.Ryan falls down and is eaten.Angela manages to escape.Angela hides in a mummys tomb.Angela then opens the coffin and the mummy's corpse atacks her.Angela escapes without an bite and enters an room.Angela then touches the wall and hands smash through the wall and grab Angela.Angela is bitten on the neck and she screams.

At an sorotory house,Fiona,Megan,Ana,Jane,Zoey and Diane are having an homecoming house with evreybody.There is an shot of the hidden tomb of an zombie escaping the tomb.The zombie ends up in a sorotory house,Which causes an zombie outbreak.Diane and Megan are separated by evreybody and head into an room.Megan barricades the door while Diane phones her boyfreind but there is no answer.Megan then puts her back in the window,Which causes the zombies to get her.A zombie bites her and Diane escapes but is caught in the zombie riot.Diane is bitten and ends up eating an teacher.

Zoey is all by herself.She rushes into the kitchen and picks up an butcher knife.A zombie atacks her but she kills it.Zoey runs away and is caught in the zombie riot.She escapes but falls down into the pool.All the zombies fall down also and Zoey is draged down into the water to her death.

Ana and Jane head to Jane's bedroom.Jane locks the door and Ana barricades the door.Jane gos on the laptop and finds out that the sorotory house is quarantined.Then hands smash through the door and grab Jane,Leaving a terrified Ana escapeing through the window.Ana runs into Diane's boyfreind,Andy.Andy grabs onto Ana and Andy escape to an room.

The last two end up in a tape recorder room.They find out all sorts of things about doomsday.Then the zombies come in and get Andy and Ana escapes to the loft.Then a zombie gets her and Ana kills it but is then knocked out by Zoey,Who is alive.When Ana wakes up and Zoey says she planed this.Ana tells her to look behind.Zoey turns around and the zombies eat her.Ana escapes but bumbs into the dead end.She turns around and screams.

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