Sawing off

by horror


When a woman named Kirsty wakes up in a trap.If she fails to get an key,The trap will activate and her legs will be cut off.Kirst finds a key but is not the right one.She then finds the key in a dead man's body mouth and she grabs the key.However,The mouth shuts and her arm is cut off.She screams and her legs are then chopped off.

Five people named Ryan,Laurie,Regan,Tommy and Angela wake up in a room tied up in collars.If they acctivate the timer,They will be draged away to the chainsaws,Which will be turned on.Regan acctivates it and the 5 struggle to get the faraway keys.Angela manages to get hers,But Regan attacks her and grabs her key.Laurie finds hers and kindley gives them to Tommy and Ryan.They are to late to save Angela who is toren apart.

Meanwhile,The killer of the traps,Trapsaw,Has tied up a woman named Amanda into an safe.He then puts on a shotgun collar on a woman named Liz.Liz needs to keep Amanda alive.Liz does this but is still terrified as Trapsaw is watching the 4 in a security camara.

Ryan,Laurie,Regan and Tommy enter an room where there is blood evreywhere.They all need to get much arms and legs into a bin.The person with the lowest dies.Regan attacks Ryan and gets his arms he just go and pushes it into her bin.Laurie is the highest and the lowest is Ryan.Regan attacks Ryan and gets an saw and chops his head off.She then gets highest for this.

They escape and witness Ryan's death.Meanwhile,Liz grabs an pole to attack trap killer.However,He senses her and pushes an button.The shotgun acctivates and kills Liz.Amanda is released but has to go throw an trap where Kirsty was.

Meanwhile,Tommy,Laurie and Regan enter a room where they have to put an bodie in an eletricity bath.When they look for an bodie,Regan sees Laurie as her next target,Laurie.Laurie turns around and is attacked by Regan.However,Tommy pushes Regan in the bath.Laurie relises that they must be put in there for an reason.

Meanwhile,Amanda dicovers that the 5 were put in there as they were responsible for an explosion in a building.

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