Richard W. Hertz
Date of Birth March 31, 1947
Date of Death deathdate unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Race/Ethnicity White
Occupation Doctor
Marital status Widower
Relative(s) Wife (deceased)
Status Alive

"Dr. Hertz, inventor.
-Description of Hertz

Dr. Richard W. Hertz, MD, DD, SD, more commonly known as Dr. Hertz or Dick is a highly accomplished doctor and zombie hunter. He was a member of the Zombie Opposing Ministry of Britain before it was overrun in March of 2010, after which he consented to travel with other stray zombie fighters, including Austin Worthington and Ethan Anderson. He has since been working out a mean to destroy the zombie menace.

Early Life Edit

Hertz was born in an unknown part of Great Britain on March 31, 1946. Little is known about his family, or his early life at all for that matter.

He grew up on his parents' farm where she also attended a Catholic church.

Later Life Edit

After graduating with a number of doctorates and prestigious awards, a nuclear accident in England killed his parents and brought them back from the dead. Depressed, Hertz devoted the rest of his life to the study of zombies.

Sometime afterword he joined the organization ZOMB, in which he became a distinguished zombie hunter.

For unknown reasons he was in America, far from his home, during the beginning of the zombie outbreak of June 2009, at which time he joined a group of Kentuckians escaping from the undead in a jet. The craft later landed at the home of the late Bryan Anderson, the first known zombie casuality. Upon entering, Hertz found that Anderson's living family was barracading themselves inside the heavily reinforced cabin.

Hertz became a respected member of the group of survivors, known for his religous support, inventions to make life easier, and first aid experience. Learning that their was a branch of ZOMB in the nearby town of Ashland, Kentucky, he, along with all the other survivors flew the plane off to the town and discovered that some of the members of ZOMB survived the zombie attack, and so he lived among them for several months, until, during a zombie attack, most of the people were killed, and he fled with a few survivors in a garbage truck, searching for a way to destroy the zombie menace.

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