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Richard Thomson
Date of Birth 07th January 1978
Date of Death none
Gender Male
Height 5 foot, 8
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Sales Manager
Marital status Not Mmrried
Relative(s) Brother (name unknown)

Sister in law (name unknown)

Status Alive

Richard ThomsonEdit

Richard (Ricky) Thomson was a former toyshop worker in Seabridge Town. Just two days after quiting his job because of further job offers, the town in which he lived fell under infection of a horrific constant-mutating virus which tured most living beings into sometimes weak and sometimes destructive mutants.

Ricky was a lone surviour in his area in the town (a central part of the sea front). He survived by destroying a large petrol station (located on the far edge of the town) and killing all remaining mutated forms nesting in the area.

He now lives in London with his brother and sister in law and works as a sales manager in a small suit shop.

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