Record 2 Only Survivior

by Horrorgates


An rescue team is sent into the qurantined hotel.Members are Ryan,Barbra,Andrew and Jim.When they walk in,They see the infected girl from the first film tied up and still infected.When they shoot her,They hear an gunshot.They think it was heard upstairs.Barbra says she sees an woman.They are right as Sarah,The only survivior is escaping from the infected.

They kill the infected and Sarah tries to escape.They say no and they head upstairs.Sarah pushes Ryan down the stairs and runs down.However the infected come an the living head to an room,All but Ryan who is still down and he is eaten.Meanwhile Sarah tells them what happened.Sarah then bursts out crying.Barbra tries to contact the outside.

Then the infected break in.They all escape and head up to the top.Harry,An infected from the first,Bites Jim.They manage to get Jim in a room as the infected crowd get bigger.Jim then turns and atacks the living.Sarah shoots him in the head.Andrew then gos to sleep.The infected manage to come in and only Barbra and Sarah survivie.Andrew wakes up and is eaten by the infected.

Sarah and Barbra rush all the way down.Sarah says she is still got the keys to the sewers.When they reach the sewers,Shelly the infected girl atacks them.Sarah kills her and opens the door to the sewers.They lock that door and both woman collapse.Barbra then looks up and screams and so does Sarah.More infected run at them.So that explains why the sewers were qurantined.

Sarah then gives her life to save Barbra.Barbra then tries to open the locked door.She turns around and shares the same fate as her team mates and Sarah.The screen fades to black.

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