by Horrorgates


News reporter Sarah and Camara man Billy Brown are outside an qurantine building.Sarah says that they need to get in there.Some of the police open the door so they can get in.However the police then locks the doors.Sarah walks into the dinner room and see an old woman.She looks up at them and tries to bite them by full speed.Billy pushes it and the pair run up the stairs,Billy recording along the way.

Sarah and Billy are let in a room by an man.He is called Harry and Daughter Shelly.Shelly is only 8.When Sarah asks Harry what is happening,Two infected smash in the room.The group escape but Shelly is bit.This is unknowen to the survivors.They all escape to an room.Sarah looks at an map and relises that they can escape through the sewers.Only they need the keys.

They find an man called Brian who is the owner of the hotel.He says that they are keys in the manager office.Shelly turns and bites Harry.This makes more infected come.The living get separated and they all go their own way.Sarah and Billy head to the office while Brian heads to the sewers to wait on them.An infected jumbs onto Sarah but Billy kills it.

Sarah grabs the keys but notices something on the table.It is a letter saying that an preist's has made the infection for an cure for cancer.Then the infected come and chase Sarah and Billy up to the very top.Meanwhile Brian is still waiting.He hears an noise and turns around.He sees the infected Shelly.He manages to handcuff her an tries to run away.Then more infected come and start eating him.

Sarah and Billy make it to the last room.They relise that they are traped til someone saves them.Then they hear an noise up in the loft.They both slowly look up and are atacked by an naked infected.Sarah kills it but Billy is infected.Sarah ties him up and the both have an talk til Billy becomes infected.Sarah then saves the data they recorded in their video camara.

Sarah then barricades the room.But unknowen to her Billy has escaped from his den.Sarah turns around and screams.The screen fades to back.

Reception Edit

Filming took over 6 weeks in America,Florida.The moie was released on boxing day 2008 and made over 4.7 million pound.News of the world gave it 4 out of 5 stars.Bloody disqusting gave it 5 stars.The budget was over 3.9 million.

DvD release Edit

The dvd was released on march the 3rd 2009.The dvd release made 2.3 million.It was released on blue ray in June the 6th.

Making Edit

The acters said they enjojed working there.The extras as the infected had make up which lasted for 5 hours.

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