Dr. Rasputin Vladovich
Dr. Rasputin Illiosef Vladovich IV
Date of Birth 1922
Date of Death 2000
Gender Male
Height 6' 2"
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasian
Occupation Direktor of Anya-21
Marital status unknown
Relative(s) Dr. Nikolai Novochev ("Friend")
Status Dead

Dr. Rasputin Illiosef Vladovich IV was the Direktor of the Anya-21 Facility from 1945-1962 and fourth in line for the Premiership of the Soviet Union. As Direktor, many of the operations he had done didn't need approval from higher ups, Dr. Vladovich had great dreams of time-travel and creating a future with him in control. After the destruction of the Vladovich Reactor, many of the survivors slowly began to feel weird and slowly mutated and all he did was watch and try to control them. He wishes to create a Genesisium Bomb that will make an explosion so massive that he'll be able to "bend the world at his will" and recreate it so he is in power.

Early History Edit

"Anyanotika-21, This island 'vill bring upon the 'vorld a better tomorrow, a more communist tomorrow!"

-Dr. Rasputin Vladovich IV

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