The Creature's image, max 250px
The Creature's name
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By The creator of the creature
Creation How the creature got created
Based What the creature is based off of, or what the base of the creature was
Height/Length The height of the creature
Purpose The purpose of the creature
Status The status of the creature, active, extinct, or unknown


The Rag-doll is a creature of nightmares indeed. A think lank demon, deceptively scrawny looking. Its arms are twiglike nothing more, wrapped in black sunken flesh, no muscle or fat can be seen. Its hands are worse, bones unnaturally wrong and strong, able to reach its arms up and under door-frames and through vents.

Its favoured prey are the alone, those who stay by themselves, its name "Rag-doll" comes from its hunting method, its body, able to twist and turn at unnatural angles, contorsionist like. They crouch in vents, air ducts and cupboards. Reach out and pull their victims in, whether they fit or not.

Hunting Patterns

Rag-dolls are solitary and rare, prefering to hunt in inner city areas. The chances of meeting one are equal to winning the lottery. The chances of surviving are less. They live in appartment buildings, pipes and confined areas with a large empty area nearby which acts as their larder. Their hunting patterns are traceable due to a prolonged hibernation of 15 years and brutal murders happening within 6 months of them awakening. These are not to be taken as fact though, any work done to or near their resting place will result in them waking up and being more vicious than normal.


There have been many attempts to kill these in the past. Certain things have been found to work well against them, although bullets will kill them and a sword can slay them, they have been shown to be able to survive high temperatures, steam vents, chimneys and other things such as waterpipes.
Things which have been found to work well against them are table salt and mild acids which burns their skin but at most it seems to be a nuisance to them and will buy some time.
Silver and Gold are lethal if stabbed into them, bright lights stun them.

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