Jack Issak Taylor
Date of Birth 1962
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6" 1'
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasian
Occupation None Kown
Marital status None Known
Relative(s) None Known
Status Alive

Jack Issak Taylor, or more commonly known throughout the book, No. 6 is the main protaganist of the book The Number Six. His number meaning he is test subject number six in the Eclipse Industries Research and Development Center, he awakes one month after the test begins by the hands of an unknown Dr. Gold. Thinking that his cryo-pod woke him up late, he begins the test unaware that A.N.I.T.A., the facilities AI Program, has gone rogue. The program acts nice and helps No. 6 up to area five where it releases turrets and flamethrowers upon James who manages to escape through a hole he creates. While through the trials, he grabs a number of weapons including: The Volt-Action Rifle, a rifle that fires electric bolts; The Holo-nade, a grenade that releases an image of the person who throws it; and more. He manages to save Dr. Gold who is killed by A.N.I.T.A., "shutting down" A.N.I.T.A., and escaping the facility alone.

The No. 6 Edit

"Where the hell am I?"

-First line Jack Taylor says

According to all the records of Mr. Taylor, he was born in June of 1962 and volunteered at the Eclipse Industries Research and Development Center some time in 1986.

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