Nikolai Novochev
Dr. Nikolai Andrei Novochev
Date of Birth 1924
Date of Death 1962 (Supposedly)
Gender Male
Height 6" 1'
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasian
Occupation Head Chronologist of Anya-21
Marital status Widowed
Relative(s) None Known
Status Alive

Dr. Nikolai Andrei Novochev was a scientist of Chronology at Anya-21 Facility on Ilze Island. During a major fire in the science district of Petrov Plaza, a massive nuclear explosion wiped out the island and killed everyone except Rasputin Vladovich IV. He was brought to the future by himself, who was under the alias of Nicholas Norem. He is not seen again under Nicholas Norem is shot and changes the timeline by going back in time yet again and helps kill Rasputin by bring Nikolai to the present whilst he dies in the burning building. Nikolai kills Rasputin in the place of Nicholas Norem.

Early History Edit

"Project:Hourglass has claimed another victim, I feel as if Vladovich has lost the will to care for these people..."

-Dr. Nikolai Andrei Novochev, in a recording

Not much is known about the doctor in the story, it is known that since he is the same age as Nicholas Norem that he was born in 1924. He was brought to Ilze Island in the year of 1945, shortly after World War II to help with the preparation and construction of the Anya-21 Facility. In 1955, according to all the records on the island, he was promoted from Researcher to Head of Chronology to help create a time-traveling portal with the use of the elemental compound Genesisium.

According to many audio files and recordings found in the story, a lot of testing was done and many people were killed because of the extremely obsessiveness of Rasputin urging more accurate results of the Genesisium-related projects, though Nikolai tells Rasputin that he is putting innocent lives in his hands and murdering millions the testing continues

In 1962, a warning siren screams over the island and a massive fire caused by another test of the "Portable Hourglass Device" (PHD) goes horribly wrong, Dr. Nikolai is caught in the blaze of Labortory Building 3 amidst all the panic and chaos. It is reported that he died, what happened was an American Soldier came from the future and took him to the year of 1998 in the same location, unfortunately that area of the island sunk into the ocean so he floated in the ocean where he was found by an oil tanker called the Edmundson. - - He isn't mentioned again until the introgation scene with Rasputin Vladovich IV when Nicholas reveals himself to be Nikolai Novochev who was saved by himself. He is then seen again when Nicholas Norem jumps into the portal after being shot, this would explain why the soldier in the dream is holding his chest,and Nicholas sends him back into the future but this time with a gun and an idea who he is. Nikolai Novochev then shots Rasputin Vladovich and then is saved by John E. Dempsey who says, "Its good to see you again Doc." Then takes him to the helicopter where he meets Dr. Frank Wendell for the first time.

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