Nightlife of death

by Andrew hay



Party til you die.

Lindsey Tailor has entered an nightclub called Poisedion.She sees a man looking at her.Lindsey ignores her freinds and cheaks it out.However the man orderes her to be chucked out.Lindsey enters her car but hears a noise outside.Lindsey looks out and sees a man.She says whos there.Then the man jumbs at them and tries to kill her.Lindsey manages to escape but then is killed by another man who was inside the car.Her body is carred away.

Laura walter and her freinds Holly,Janet Filton and Angela Bribe.Holly says that they party in Poisedion the nightclub.Laura disagrees but Janet tells her to.They get ready with their dresses.Angela walks in and shows Laura something on her phone.Laura sees that her boyfreind is cheating on Holly.Laura tellls Angeal something.

The four go to Poisedion.Janet gets high and Holly drinks beer and falls down.She is spiked.Laura sees that evreybody is gone.Laura turns around and is knocked out by a man.Laura wakes up tied in a chair.She looks at an camara and sees Angela and Janet dancing.Janet then falls don and three men run up to her.They take her away and Laura hears screams.Laura tries desparatley to escape.She then hears somebody walking up to the door.Much more to be added.

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