Never ending story

by Never ending

Never ending storyEdit

The year is 2051.The humans on earth is losing it's battle againts the lonicals.When an couple are attacked in their summer home,They escape to an saftey camp.However,The lonicals attack again and the remaining must try and survive the battle that is never ending.


An woman named Jessica is walking to her summer home after shopping.She had watched the news report about the war in America.It is said that there are Lonicals,An aline from outta space,Is attacking the world and only the uk and Russia are safe.Jessica walks inside and kissess her husband,Harry.Harry answers the door and sees an rushed terrified woman running in. Her name is Sally. She says that the Lonicals are outside.

Then they burst in and Harry grabs an shotgun and shoots at one.Then one of them attacks Jessica and Sally hits it with an baseball bat.The three then run outside and Sally trips and is eaten alive by the Lonicals.

Harry and Jessica keep on running and they find an car.Harry hotwires it just befour an Lonical smashes in and eats his face.Jessica screams and runs away.She then sees an man getting infected from the Lonical and turns into one but still having his body.Jessica then learns that the Lonical die after this.

Jessica is saved by a man and an woman.They names are Frank and Angelica.Angelica says there is one hope of survivng by going to the derson mall,Which is one of the safest place.When they get there,They are attacked by the infected and Frank gives his life to save the other two.The pair then run to the mall and getting chased by the infected and Lonicals.

They are not let in by an teenager.Her name is Emily. Emily says they are infected.The infecteIion gets them and Jessica manages to escape into the saftey group.

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