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Nathan Cramer
Date of Birth May 14, 1992
Date of Death Not applicable
Gender Male
'Height 4'3'
Race/Ethnicity Human
Occupation Student
Marital status No
Relative(s) Mr.Cramer/Mrs.Cramer(deceased), Ms.Richardson
Status Currently in recovery

Nathan Cramer was one of the only survivors of the attack of Hoyama. However, his mother was killed in the process. Managing to get all his friends and family out, Nathan went back to get revenge for his mother. He managed to kill Adrian Guadron with the help of Ms.Radisson, someone who has been in previous contact with Hoyama. Nathan was whisked to the hospital for his injuries but the ambulance he was in mysteriously disappeared.

After Hoyama One Edit

The FBI stole the ambulance with Nathan and kidnapped some of the other survivors of the incident and decided to train them to become 'Hoyama killers' in case the cult would resurface again. During that process, all the memories of their lives were wiped off. Nathan went to live with Ms.Richardson, and he thought she was his mother. However, during the events of the second Hoyama, Nathan regains his memory along with the other survivors and destroy the rest of the Hoyama cult.

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