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Mary Varen
Date of Birth birthdate unknown
Date of Death 2007
Gender Female
Height 5.8
Race/Ethnicity Human/American
Occupation occupation unknown
Marital status Boyfreind
Relative(s) relatives unknown
Status Dead


Mary met Jaimes,An bar man the two fell in love.When they were living like normal people,An letter was shoved under their door.They have won an free holiday to france.

Traped in an hotel Edit

When the creepers atacked,The living headed to the manager office.When the creepers were let in,The last of the living managed to escape to the underground passage.Jaimes was killed in Mary's eyes.When Rose died Mary was later stuck in the hotel.This was only an dream and now Mary had Rose's situtation.However she survivied but woke back up back to her own.This made her insane.It does not tell you if she did escape.

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