The main GreenRed facility was built for the GreenRed company in 2004, ten minutes away from a town in eastern South Dakota. It is a large complex, having big parts of the facility underground.

Notable EventsEdit

1999, Tyron Brackett founded GreenRed and started planning on building the main GreenRed facility. 2007, a cure for Asthma was discovered with minimal to none side effects. 2009, a cure for Diabetes was discovered with no side effects. GreenRed become well-known all over the world and is praised by large parts of the society. 2010, they begin the research to find the cure for aids. 2013, containers containing several different chemicals and a few viruses was incidentally opened when a GreenRed truck got hit by another truck when it did its routine delivery to GreenRed. Fire emerged, and the chemicals mix with the viruses, resulting in the Bestia Virus, which makes its way to the closest city, resulting in the Bestia Outbreak.

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