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Linda Sam Marsh
Date of Birth 1899
Date of Death 1930
Gender Female
Height 5.8
Race/Ethnicity Human/English
Occupation Maid
Marital status Marred to Jim Marsh
Relative(s) Jim Marsh husband
Status Dead


Linda Marsh was born in an poor family.When she was an child,Her family owned an woman named Aleshia  money.The family gave Linda away and she was now an maid.She had an crush with an man named Andrew Marsh.Andrew was in love with her to and the pair ran away to london.Then the pair went to Blueberry hotel.When they got their Linda knew something was wrong.

Death Edit

Linda saw Andrew die in front of her eyes when the ghosts atacked the hotel.She partnered with Jim Kim to get out.When the pair managed to get to another room they saw the ghost Bella holding Vera at gunpoint.Bella shot Linda in the stomache.Linda tried to escape when Jim jumbed on Bella to kill her.Linda gave up and died.

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