Leon Falcone
Date of Birth July 1st, 2000
Date of Death August 6th, 2026
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Race/Ethnicity Human-Demon
Occupation Monster Hunter
Marital status No
Relative(s) Mephiles (father), Delia Falcone (mother, deceased), Vincent Worthington (step-brother, deceased), Aoi Kamazuki (step-sister, deceased), T'Sharok (step-brother, deceased)
Status Deceased

Leon Falcone, born Leonardo Darna Falcone, was the son of the demon prince known as Mephiles, and was a professional monster hunter.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Leon, along with his older step-brother Vincent and younger step-sister Aoi, was the result of Mephiles' breeding with a human female. He was born in Venice, Italy. After his birth, his mother died under mysterious circumstances, when actually Mephiles had come and stolen her soul. Leon was placed in care after his mother's death. When he reached the age of five, he met his demonic brother, T'Sharok, whose mother was a she-demon called T'Shuda. T'Sharok attempted to kill Leon, but Leon managed to cheat death. The experience left Leon with the urge to kill the hellish creatures that roamed the Earth at the time.

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