Leather Bay

by Andrew Hay


Jane Broke and her daughter Ana Broke are driving to an place called Leatherbay Town to find the answer if Ana is not her husband's daughter.While they are driving,An little girl runs on the road.Jane manages to knock her down.Shocked,Jane drives away.Without looking the car crashes into an tree.When Jane wakes up,She finds out that Ana is lost.

Jane grabs an torchlight and explores the ghost town.She gos inside an hospital called Leatherbay hospital.When she arives inside she sees an little girl runing into an room.She follows the girl and screams as what she sees.An monster called Sadforumin.Jane just manages to escape.Jane keeps on runing but she falls down the stairs.She then sees an monster called Creeper chasing her.

However she is just saved by an woman called Nicole.She tells Jane that they need to get out of Leather bay.When Nicole gives Jane a weapon the sadforumin comes.The pair managed to escape through car and they drive to the Leather Bay Church where some surviviors hold.

When they get there,Town residents are seen runing to the church.Jane turns around to see why.The Sadforumin comes and he kills an old woman who wanted to join the monsters.When Jane and Nicole gos inside the church,An leader of the surviviors named Samara say they will help them find Ana.

When they plan to seek help from a woman in Leatherbay hospital,Samara says that Jane will have to face the evil.When they get to the hospital,Samara relises that Jane is going to give birth to the devil's son.Confused,Jane tries to leave.However the cult leader tries to kill her.Nicole gives her life to save Jane who gos down to the hospital's underground.

When Jane runs she stops when she sees The doom nurses.Jane tricks them and runs away to an room.She sees an little girl who she belives is Ana.When Jane tells her to turn around she does and Jane screams.The girl has no face.However the girl can speek and says that when she encounter monsters she is in Dark world.Jane relises that to save her daughter she must kill the Sadforumin.

Jane the discovers a puzzle on the wall.Jane discovers the answer and picks up the Sword of hope.This can kill the Sadforumin.When Jane breaks through the church she finds Ana.However relising that she is now an demon she kills the her.This leads her to anger and she kills Samara and her leaders.Then The Sadforumin apears.Jane,Outraged kills it with her sword.

Jane then gives birth to an unexpected baby.Then Jane relises that Samara told her she was giving birth to the devil.Jane is then seen leaving the baby alone in a house.Jane says goodnight and walks of to her car.Then when she gets in she hears a noise behind her.She turns around just to be grabed by the creeper.

Characters Edit

Jane Brock   Samara Link

Ana Brock    Nicole craig

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