Knife and die part 2 Fear

by Andrew hay


Fiona gil is recovering from the events of the first one.She has a new boyfreind named Tony.In the kitchen she is making Burgers for both.Heer boyfreind is abusive and hits her.Fiona runs to her room and packs her bags.When Fiona runs to the car an truck smashes right into it.Fiona is in a short coma.She dreams about Diane and the man laughing at her.Fiona wakes up and looks around the room.She screams when the door opens.

It is only the nurse who calms her down.Then Diane walks in and kills the nurse.Fiona manages to escape for now.She falls down the stairs and crawls down.Fiona manages to escape out of the hospital.She sees the man who is waving at her.Fiona shouts FUCK YOU and runs away to the subway.She sees an abandoment train and walks in.Fiona sees Diane killing a man.Shocked,Fiona backs away.Then she bumbs into something and turns around.

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