Knife and die

by Andrew hay

Plot Edit

Fiona gil returns home from work.She meets her engaged to be engaged Boyfreind Jason Smith.The two are living normal lifes.Then at the middle of the night the phone rings.Fiona answers it,But gets nothing more than quiteness.Then a dog is heard barking.Jason cheaks it out but finds a woman in the swings.She says her name is Diane.When Jason comes back he tells Fiona to get back to sleep.When she does,However a man looks at her from the window.She sees this and runs screaming to Jason.Jason gos to the window to look.He says the words scratched on the window,Your time is up.

Jason says that the pair should leave.When they are about to go in the car a rock is throwen at them.They turn around to see Diane who is holding a butcher knife.Jason  tells Fiona that he is going to run to the nearby farmhouse for help.When he runs Fiona walks slowley away back into the house from a frozen Diane.Fiona then puts a table in front of the front and back door.She locks the bedroom window.

Then Diane apears from the window and Fiona cries out loud in shock.Diane smashes the window and Fiona runs.Fiona locks thar door so Diane can not get in.Fiona then seals all exits and picks up an butcher knife.Her cellphone starts ringing and it is Jason.He says he is traped.Then her cellphone cuts of.Fiona can hear Diane singing.Fiona then looks out an window and sees Diane in the swings.Fiona opens the front door and makes an run for it to the farmhouse.However she does not see an dam and she falls down.

Meanwhile Jason is stuck at the top of the roof.An Axe keeps on poping up and it will hit Jason any second.However it hits his knee and he falls down.He then sees an man whos face is hidden in the shawdows.He then knocks Jason out.

Fiona manages to climb back up and turns around.She sees Diane.She says it is time to die and she tries to kill Fiona.Fiona manages to push Diane down and she runs back to her house.She barricades the door and treis to phone 999.However she hears a noise and she puts the phone down.Fiona cheaks it out but is pushed down by the man.Fiona screams and is knocked out.

Fiona wakes up and is tied in her bed.She sees blood on the hallway floor.She then sees the man with a knife.He stabs her numerous times.He then walks away.It is then the next day.Fiona's freind Linda gos to the house.She sees Jason's lifeless body and she screams.Linda then walks into the bedroom and sees Fiona.She touches Fiona and Fiona screams.Fiona is rushed to hospital.

Deleted ending Edit

Fiona was meant to be killed instantley by the man.However this involved too much realisim.

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