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Katey Michael dame
Date of Birth november the 6th 1978
Date of Death december the 31st 1998
Gender female
Height unknowen
Race/Ethnicity english
Occupation try to escape from the insane torture building
Marital status Fake marrage
Relative(s) Brother[Andrew]
Status dead [killed by knife]

Plot for torture Edit

Katey dame was an woman who solves problems.She is of good heart and has not commit a crime while her brother does.In the film torture she was kidnapped by a strange group of people who belived that god was punishing them.She manages to escape and finds a little girl who has cancer.Katey then witnesses the girls death by a man who is revealed to be shaun.She just escapes but is kidnapped and druged by Shauns followers.She wakes up tied to a chair and sees a man who is holding a knife.She is just saved by her brother who later dies protecting her.Katey is traped in a cage which is going down to the ocean with hungry sharks.She sees a man saving her and the pair manage to escape for good.

plot for torture two new cut Edit

Katey is seen kidnapped yet again although this time she is not lucky and is stabed through the heart.

She is heard in a tape finaly saying why people are kidnapping people and killing them.This might be befour she was killed as a man is heard smashing a door and pulling Katey's hair and her screaming NO PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEE.

wardrope Edit

She in the first one wear's a black dress and black high heels.She at the end of the film only has the dress which has been half ripped as to save her life.In the second one has blue jeans,Black sweat shirt and trainers.Near the end of the film her corpse is found and has a white wedding dress.This is unknowen why she is wearing this.

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