Cpl. John E. Dempsey
Date of Birth 1970s (Looks 30)
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasian
Occupation US Undercover Operations
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) Nicholas Norem
Status Alive

"H-Hello, this is Corporal John E. Dempsey. For the love of God, please someone answer me!"

-John Dempsey on the radio

Cpl. John E. Dempsey is the comical lower-class officer of the group and the secondary protaganist of I am Nicholas Norem. He carries a submachine gun and wears almost a regular US Olive Green Uniform, he works with Nicholas Norem. He only mentions his full name and rank once in the whole story, and it's when he is trying to reach the rest of his team. Since he can only reach Norem, this could mean that the line is jacked or that the rest of the team is dead. This isn't proven because the rest of the team is found dead in the Railyards, but the blood is fresh. He doesn't die and saves Nikolai Novochev after Nicholas Norem goes into the portal, saying "Glad to see you again, Doc"

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