life and The underground 1 Edit

Janet star was an normal woman who was doing a job in a restruant.One night at her job made her wish she never had the job.She kept on seeing a man [Paracua] and having weird visions.When she walking home,She kept on seeing the man so she ran to her house.The next day she hid herself with news papers around the windows.She then saw a secret passage leading to underground which she quickly went down.She was atacked by a monster and ran all the way to somewhere unknowen to her.She fell down in water which was covered in black,blood,poo and dead rats.An arm reached up to Janet's leg,which made Janet scream and run to the darkness.Then she saw the man who was follwing her who transformed into a monster,making Janet run.She was locked inside a room and discover the man as paracua an ancient demon made up by a young boy.However the demon came true and waited until the boy grew older so he can become him.Then the monster starts to smash in the door leaving Janet no choice to hide in the wardrope.She then saw a terrifying site.The monster was holding a knife to a woman who was crying.Janet managed to save her as the monster left.She was revealed as Laurie and the monster was chasing her.The pair try to find an escape which results Laurie geting killed and Janet managed to escape.However she set a bomb of in the underground which killed the monster or so she thought.

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