Infection in the hospital

by Andy Hay


An nurse named Linda learns that the hospital she works in is going to be closed for low budget money.Linda then hears an moaning in the hallway.Linda walks out and slips on a pool of blood.Linda,Covered in blood and screams.An doctor slowley walks up to her,His mouth in a horrifed fashion.Linda is so shocked,She is too late to run as the doctor rips her eyes out.The next hour,The corpse,Blood and the doctor are not there.

Nurse Ana is studying an mental patient that has just came in.She is recording the events in a camcorder.Ana learns that she is doing the nightshift.Ana then looks at the patient who is called Harry.Harry turns around and smirks.His eyes then pop out causing Ana to run out of the room.Ana tracks down the head nurse who is called Fiona.Fiona turns around and says that she needs to do something.Then Fiona blinks and Ana learns that the hospital is quarantined.Ana then sees Fiona's face fallen off.Ana screams and runs out of the room and bumbs into an survivior of the hospital,Causing the cam corder to fall and smash.

He is called Jim and is recording the events of what is happening.Ana then sees the japanese nurse called Yoko.Yoko is shouting in japanese and Ana or Jim know what she is talking about.Then big tenticals grab Yoko and pull her to her death.

Ana and Jim run away from them and take shelter in an oparation room.Ana looks through the glass and see corpses trying to get Jim and Ana.However they are too stupid to get to them.Ana asks what is happening.Jim says that an deadly infection is killing and possessing evreyone in the hospital.Ana then hears the door opening and turns around and screams.Yoko is there and has an missing jaw.

Ana and Jim escape and run to an exit.Then an corpse comes and kills Jim who gives the cam corder to Ana.Ana rushes to the roof and blocks the door.Ana then sees an passage to an undiscovered room.Ana gos in and sees 3 corpses eating Fiona's body.Ana hides and ends up making an noise.

The corpse's look for her.Ana escapes to the stairwell.She encounters an corpse who is Harry.Ana escapes to an room and sees Jim.Jim turns around and jumbs at her.We then hear Ana screaming as she droped the camara.We then see Ana crawling to an exit.Ana leaves the camara behind and is filmed in a security camara.Ana sees it and shouts for help.Then an corpse enters the room and Ana escapes with her life just.

Ana becomes desparate and finds an way to the sewers.She then relises she is infected as Jim jumbed onto her.Ana shuts the door to freedom and kills herself with an nearby butcher knife as she is in the cafateria.

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