I am, Puzzle

by Tennantfan

Story Edit

Eddie McNeill is at his rundown apartment at the Palm Beach Motel. He falls asleep on his bed, before he closes the door. A couple of seconds before he falls asleep he sees a dark figure at his door.

Eddie wakes up, he's chained to a chair. The room has no doors at all, at the other side of the room is a window. Eddie looks through the window to see the dark figure holding a woman by the hair. "Hello, Eddie! Tonight, we have a reality show called, SCREAM!" The dark figure pulls out a knife, he cuts the womans left hand off, "I found her outside your apartment, she claims to be your sister, but I told her you don't have a sister anymore." "She is my sister!" "You don't have one anymore, as I said!" Then the dark figure cuts her head off. "See? you don't have a sister anymore!" Then the Dark Figure pours gasoline all over the corpse and lights a match. He throws the match, and the corpse is completely enveloped by fire. "I am, Puzzle!"

Puzzle presses a button on the wall and a strange machine emerges from the wall of the room Eddie's in. "Now Eddie, if you put your arm in that machine it will electrocute you! But if you don't, I kill you! Which one do you choose?" "I choose electrocution!" Puzzle presses another button on the wall and Eddie's chains fall off.  Eddie puts his arm in the machine and electricity shoots all through his body. Eddie falls unconscious.

Eddie wakes up strapped to a chair. The chair is on a cart just in front of a door. Then a voice echoes over the speakers, "Welcome, to Puzzle Land! The ultimate attraction, to me at least!" "Let me go!" "Now why would I do that? That would ruin my fun, oh well, I'll let you go... into the attraction!"

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