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Grace Charlotte Culver
Date of Birth 12th April 1994
Date of Death N/A
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Race/Ethnicity Human (English)
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Marital status Single
Relative(s) James Culver
Status Alive

Grace Culver is the central heroine of Saving Grace and a key byronic hero within the story. Somewhat affected after the death of her parents, she is stern and hates the world she was born in. She is a treasure hunter who carries a handgun at all times, and always ends up in trouble.


Born 12th April, 1994, Grace Charlotte Culver is the daughter of unknown parents and the sister of James Culver. As a child, her parents were viciously attacked by Hellise, and has a fear of them. On her 13th birthday, she concluded that she must become a treasure hunter to find clues towards why they were attacked.

She is often seen as reckless, a bit childish and too brave for her own good. She is also pretty lazy, and seen as a bit of an extortionist and tends to 'rip things off' according to her brother. This is a cover for her desire to find clues. Queen Amorgia sees her as a clumbsy, pathetic child who seems to care little about others. Some people, however, think she is misunderstood and actually a sweet, charming, if not a litle cynical, young lady.

She is very accident prone, and also does without thinking. She demonstrates this in the prologue, when she removes a mask from a Queen Hellise.


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