The legend of the Five Suns is an Aztec creation myth that states that world went through different ages or "Suns" that ended in catastrophic events.

The Cycle of DestructionEdit

The previous Suns are as follows:

Jaguar SunEdit

The first Sun was inhabited by giants who were eventually driven to extinction by jaguars. The world was then destroyed.

Wind SunEdit

The second Sun's inhabitants were transformed into monkeys, and the world was destroyed by storms.

Rain SunEdit

The world was destroyed by rain of fire. The survivors became birds.

Water SunEdit

The world was destroyed in a great flood. The inhabitants transformed into fish to survive.

Earthquake SunEdit

The present Sun. Humans are the inhabitants. The world will be destroyed by earthquakes.

The Crystal SkullsEdit

Quetzalcoatl, growing tired of the conflict with the other gods that results in the destruction of the world, created the Crystal Skulls with the express purpose of subduing the earth monster Cipactli, and ensure that the beast will not destroy the Fifth Sun with her earthquakes.

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